Simple Answers

Simplifying choices to give the customer the product that best fits them, rather than a confusing array of selections.

Industry Research

We do the research for you. Instead of spending hours pouring over reviews and prices, we do it for you and present you the one product that best suits you.

Passionate People

Technology is what we're passionate about. Every member of our team spends their personal time playing with the latest and greatest phones, evaluating the best phone for you.

Welcome to Which Phone was founded when a group of friends realized their family and friends kept asking them "which phone should I get?" After a few months of thinking of the solutions, combined with many sleepless nights of research and coding, was born.

The purpose of this site is to connect people to the smartphone which fits them best. Some people have certain price requirements, others have brands they want to stick to, some people want certain features and others still have carrier limitations. Instead of some boring chart, we decided to build a database of phones which we could update, and structured the questions for the user to see what was important to them.

Which Phone has many advancements in the works. We're constantly looking to make sure we have the latest phones, expanding our list of avavailable search criteria and more. If you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to drop us a note and one of us will get back to your when our caffine-induced comma has worn off.

Which Phone is officially launched! Thanks to everyone who made this happen, and to you for giving out service meaning by checking us out! After all, without an audience, would our site even make a sound?
The team has officially completed prliminary testing and has moved onto final stages of work before public launch slated for 4 weeks from now.
Our phone database has now surpassed 500 phones — the largest database of its kind on the web. We should be close to double that by launch, with nearly 100 individual metrics per phone.